The School is affiliated to CICSE and it therefore follows the curriculum prescribed by the Board. Within the domain of courses prescribed by CICSE our teaching methods ensure overall development of child by encouraging logical, analytical, creative and experimental abilities of a student instead of learning through rote. The school has adapted a well-planned, graded and innovative curriculum that is taught through a syllabus that is well integrated to its class room teaching methods in a very flexible environment.

For purposes of curricular organization, the school is divided into four sections:

  • Pre Primary - Nursery, Jr. KG and Sr. KG
  • Primary – Grade I to Grade IV
  • High Primary - Grade V to Grade VII
  • High School – Grade VIII to Grade X


At the pre-school level, students enrolled in years 2.10–3.10 usually have one classroom teacher, the teacher is assisted by other members of the faculty specializing in their areas. The Play way method is followed. This enables each child to develop at his or her own pace, and evaluation is a continuous and ongoing procedure that is not confined to any examination process. Emphasis is laid on oral skills and activities rather than on formal learning. Each and every child is given an opportunity to express himself /herself and allowed to blossom. They take part in all school activities appropriate to their age and ability ,class assemblies and school concerts. Students participate regularly in sports.


At the Primary level, the environmental approach is used. Theories and goals of education need to be set keeping in mind that every child is unique and talented in their own way. The formative years of education play a crucial role in developing interest and curiosity amongst children. The purpose and aim of the school at this stage is to create a conducive and congenial atmosphere for the child to evolve. This means providing the child the right opportunity so that he or she can relate to the people, things and ideas around them. The evaluation is both qualitative and quantitative, where grades and marks are awarded on all their activities, and assessment is on oral, written work and their project works. Right from Grade I students are introduced to computers and use technology.


At the High School level, there is a blend of academics, value based education, co-curricular activities and sports; which we believe is essential for the overall development of the child. These years are recognized as a period of rapid development and transition. It is a stage where the students start recognizing their true self thus channelizing and moulding their vast storehouse of energy. The curriculum widens to include subjects like History, Geography, Sciences, languages and Mathematics. Optional subjects and electives like Computer Application are offered. Yoga, Art, Music and sports also form an integral part of the school programme. Morning assemblies and interaction periods help students to shed their inhibitions and be more forthcoming in expressing their thoughts and opinions on social happenings and events. Students are evaluated on the basis of written assignments such as project work, short tests and term examinations. Regular classroom observations are also conducted by the teachers to facilitate overall growth of the children. Methods used to provide holistic learning include Laboratory works, Audio visual media, Library activities, Power Point presentations & Smart board Facility.

We ensure that our students encounter fresh challenge as they develop, change, learn and explore on their journey to young adulthood. At the Std. IX and X, children are introduced to the Core Programming using Java Language and to design interesting real world projects related to their areas of study.

  • Group I English, Kannada, Hindi, Social studies (Compulsory)
  • Group II Mathematics & Science
  • Group III Computer Applications (CA)

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